May 27, 2013

Tuxedo on Etsy

Set of Six Mustache Wedding Cufflinks Handmade
- get one pair free - 
wedding favors, groomsmen gifts, wedding gift, grooms

"With the love of the hearts" on Etsy...

Heart Adjustable Bracelet on Cotton Thread
in many colors
Bridesmaid Gifts, bridal jewelry, wedding favors

Tangerine on Etsy!

Orange Tangerine Mustache Cufflinks
Handlebar Style
 Wedding favors, groomsmens gifts

May 15, 2013

high tea and biscuits on etsy!

Alice in Wonderland Tea Time Tea Cup and Biscuits Jar Adjustable Ring Handmade - SoSweet Collection Bijotti&Ciciotti

May 3, 2013

Embrace of Lace on Etsy!

Italian Lace in a Pendant Locket
Beige and Floral
Long Necklace
Vintage Style Brass Necklace
SoDreamy Collection